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Using Tebbs Bend as a Model

On a recent trip my wife and I made a stop at Tebb's Bend Battlefield, near Campbellsville, Kentucky. Tebb's Bend is a remarkable location, both from a scenic and historical perspective. The battle that took place there on July 4th, 1863 was a portend of the disastrous end to John Morgan's Great Raid. The site itself is well interpreted, with much of the land still appearing as it did in 1863. Tebb's Bend has a nature preserve area, with six miles of walking trails, and those trails have both historical and natural interpretation. There is also a small house used as a weekend visitor's center, with a shelter with restrooms nearby. There is also a three mile driving tour, each stop clearly marked, and rather heavily interpreted. There are numerous signs, from basic location signs to full blown interpretive panels. Each tour stop has at least one interpretive panel. Betty Gorin and the group there have created a site that other sites could benefit from, including our own.

The experience at Tebb's was one that caused me to think "we could, and SHOULD, do that at Keller's Bridge." Of course, the Foundation does not own any land, so agreements with local land owners would have to be created and agreed upon. Designing a sign program of directional, site, and interpretive would have to be taken on. Raising funds for the signs is another task that would need to be considered, along with installation of the signs, and maintenance of the area, from basic mowing of any trails, to creating and maintaining pull offs.

While the Foundation has had a good start in terms of members and raising some funds while becoming a local entity, we will need to take larger steps in the future, working with groups like the Civil War Trust and those organizations that are focused on creating nature preserves.

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