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Signs (of Things to Come)

Those local to Cynthiana may have recently noticed some colorful signs at certain locations. One of the reasons the Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation was formed was to increase awareness of Cynthiana's Civil War past. One way to do that is to denote locations about town that have Civil War ties so that when folks are walking or driving by, they will see these distinctive signs. Due to a generous donation by one of the Foundation's members, we have ordered and started the process of adding signs to various locations. We still have quite a few to have created, and need to work with the city and property owners to have posts installed for the three we have in hand, but you will start seeing more and more of these markers over the next few months. If you care to donate the cost of a sign, please go to our Donations page. We are still in need of signs for the following locations (most of which have been designed already):

New Rankin House

Kimbrough Bridge Blockhouses (2)

Keller's Bridge Blockhouse

Camp Frazer

Old Cemetery

and perhaps a few others as well.

These signs are just the start, we are working on a more developed walking tour that covers the 1862 battle with nine tour stops, and at each stop we want to have at least one interpretive panel to explain what action(s) occurred there. This tour would make it possible for out-of-town and local folks to walk the tour and understand the 1862 battle. After we have that tour in place, we will start working on the 1864 driving tour.

Much more to come from the Foundation!

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