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Lieutenant Robinson

Scott Savory writes:

My great-great-grandfather, James F. Robinson, was a member of the 168th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and was engaged at the action fought at Cynthiana, Kentucky. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in Company D of what was then the 2nd Regiment of Ohio Militia on 20 July 1863, in Fayette County, Ohio. It is my understanding that this unit was later designated as the 67th Battalion, Ohio National Guard, before being incorporated as part of the 168th OVI in May 1864 as a 100-day regiment. A portion of the regiment was engaged at Cynthiana against Morgan’s Raiders.

According to my late paternal grandmother, Lieutenant Robinson was present at the Battle of Cynthiana. The story related to me by my grandmother has it that Lieutenant Robinson was in danger of being captured, so he hid his sword to prevent it from being taken by the Confederates. When he later returned to retrieve his sword, it was gone. I believe it is likely that Lieutenant Robinson was indeed captured by Morgan’s men and later paroled.

The 168th OVI was mustered out of service on 8 September 1864 at Camp Dennison upon expiration of term of service.

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