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Our Projects. Your Passion. 

The Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation will be working on a variety of projects, from tour stop improvements, to sign replacement, to preserving historical sites related to both Battles of Cynthiana.  We hope that you will be a part of these projects, either by being involved directly, or supporting our efforts through your membership and donations.  The following are our 2017 project goals.


Project 1. Sign Replacement

The Morgan's Men Association, who paid for the initial sign at the Court House, has installed a replacement, which looks great!


We can now consider this 2017 project completed!


Project 2. Walking Tour App

You may not be aware, but the City of Cynthiana offers a walking tour that covers historical sites within the heart of downtown.  The CBF is in the process of having an app developed that will focus on the Civil War related sites.  This app should be in place to download onto your smart phone over the next few months.  The walking tour will be about two miles in length.

Project 3. 100 Members

One way that you can help us make an immediate impact is to become a member of the Foundation.  We offer membership levels to fit every level of support, and your membership means that we have operating income that will allow us to work on additional projects in the future.  Please take a few moments to Join and select your level of membership.  


Already a member?  Then encourage your friends and family to become members as well!

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