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  • The Morgan's Last Raid Civil War Weekend was a rousing grand time!  From reenactments to tours to a luminary lighting, there was plenty going on.  Keep an eye open for the 2020 event, which promises to be even larger.

  • At our last Speaker Series event Dr. Lindsey Apple gave us a fine talk on Richard Montgomery Gano as well as Kentucky's movement towards a southern state after the Civil War.

  • The corner lot by the John H. Morgan Bridge is seeing marked improvement.  Thanks to the Fire Department, the viewshed has been opened back up, and CBF has painted the rail and placed a bench.  Eventually more benches will be installed, and the space will have some plants to create a more visually pleasing scene.  We will also be working on adding at least one interpretive panel there.

  • We had a fun time cleaning up the Keller's Bridge area for the Civil War Trust Park Day.  We do again apologize for having to move the date at the last moment, but we felt it was safer for folks who were driving into town for the event.  We had a sunny morning and picked up numerous bags of trash, along with tires, a vacuum cleaner, and a slew of other items.  We have more work to so in the area, but it was an excellent start.

  • We have decided to take down the Forum.  We did not see much posting on it, mostly as the forum simply moved too slow when trying to access it or to post a message.  Keep using our Facebook page if you would like to ask questions or make observations.

  • Rebecca's seventh grade class was asked to research the Civil War in the computer lab at school, in order to give the students a chance to decide on one prominent figure involved in the war. After making a decision, the students were asked to complete the rest of the project at home, where they prepared a brief presentation on the historic figure they chose. Rebecca wanted to research a woman, decided on Clara Barton, and was asked to educate the class on the role Clara played in the war, as well as an explanation for why Rebecca chose her.  She was very interested to learn more about Barton's transition from school teacher to starting the Missing Soldiers Office organization, and eventually becoming the first president of the American Red Cross.  She used this site as part of her research:  We want to wish Rebecca well on her project!


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