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The Foundation

Formed in 2016, the Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation exists to interpret, preserve, and increase awareness of the 1862 and 1864 Civil War battles of Cynthiana, Kentucky.  Just like you, we have an interest in the American Civil War and in particular the two battles that occurred in and around Cynthiana, within the confines of Harrison County.  We want to increase both local and national awareness, preserve the sites that involved both battles, and celebrate Cynthiana's Civil War past.  We hope that you will join us by becoming a member today!

Our leadership team is passionate about driving the Foundation forward in order to protect battlefield land and tell the stories of Harrison County and Cynthiana.

Jim Antell - Newsletter

Kristin Church - Chair

Lourena Judy

Jeff Kinney - Interpretation & Community Outreach

Richard McCormick - Secretary

Bill Penn

Beth Thomas - Treasurer

Katey Welte

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